Quilting How To

It is often said that if you learn to sew at a young age, the art lasts a lifetime; you never forget how sew no matter how long it was when you last picked up a needle to sew. Sewing quilts is a different art altogether as quilting techniques are different from sewing. Sometimes it may require you to forget what you have learned, the reason why many quilters gain quilting skills without ever having learned to sew by the book.

A classic example is that of seam allowance. In a sewing school you will be taught that standard seam allowance is 5/8th of an inch, which is far too large for quilting. The standard seam allowance in quilting is 1/4 inch. The sewing skills are necessary for sewing straight seams and that is all that you need to remember. Similarly, there is a difference between how seams are pressed and ironing instructions.

In addition, quilting requires more accuracy than sewing and you also need to learn some techniques like appliqu


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