My squares do not line up when making a quilt

Quilt blocks must be squared up properly for them to line up so that they do not look odd. Squaring up quilt blocks is easy if you use a square ruler and bring all sides to the same length. Place the square ruler properly on the block and cut off any excess material with the aid of a rotary ruler. When you are sewing rows of squares make sure that you press the seams of one row to the left and t...


Can I embellish a quilt with beadwork?

You can use many items to embellish your quilts. These include beading, silk ribbon, cording, sequins and other decorative items. You can even embroider your quilt if you know how to. If you think that you are no good at embroidery, you can buy small embroidered patches from a quilt store and sew it over the top. However, bead embroidery is one of the most expressive. Beadwork is just like paint...


How can I use batting when making a quilt?

Although the batting is not visible it is an integral part of the quilt. You may make a complicated design on the quilt top with intricate embellishments but if the batting is not placed properly then everything is undone. You can now get polyester batting but the traditional choice is cotton for the quilt sandwich, which should be preshrunk. You can do that by putting it in warm in your bathtub...


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