How to Make a Quilt Frame

A typical quilt frame is made from wood but if you choose PVC pipe you will not only save yourself the trouble of working with wood, it will also save you time and money. To make a PVC quilt frame you need 1-inch PVC pipe. With a pipe cutter or hacksaw, cut five 40 inch, four 25 1/2 inch, four 9 1/2 inch and two 6 inch pieces. You will also need four 3-way connectors, four T connectors, two elbo...


How to Make a Square Quilt Block

Sewing square quilt blocks together to make a quilt top is a common practice to create a unique design using old garments, scraps from a prior sewing project or from freshly purchased fabric. However, to ensure that the end result has no odd bulges or strange long corners and is smooth and even, you need to do it right by ensuring that all the block are the perfect size and squared up. Fortunate...


How to Make a Quilt from Old Clothes

Making quilts from old clothes is a great way to put your old clothes you do not want to throw away to good use. Make a quilt from your child's childhood clothes to take to college and see the smile on his/her face on getting this special gift. The first step, however, is to rummage through closets to find outgrown, old and stained garments. You can make a nice quilt from old T-shirts. Now y...


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