How to Make a Quilt Frame

A typical quilt frame is made from wood but if you choose PVC pipe you will not only save yourself the trouble of working with wood, it will also save you time and money.

To make a PVC quilt frame you need 1-inch PVC pipe. With a pipe cutter or hacksaw, cut five 40 inch, four 25 1/2 inch, four 9 1/2 inch and two 6 inch pieces. You will also need four 3-way connectors, four T connectors, two elbows, four snap clamps and two end caps and PVC adhesive and a measuring tape. It will make it easier if you have these pieces cut at the lumberyard.

To be sure that you have all the measurements right it is better that you first dry fit the frame. If there is a slight variation is length, simply cut off the excess with a hacksaw.

Lay the four 9 1/2 inch pieces on the floor, two on the left and two on the right. Connect the two pieces on the right side with a T connector. Do the same with the ones on the left side. Form a crossbar by attaching a 40 inch pipe in the side hole of both T connectors. What now looks like a capital T is the base of the quilt frame.

Add an elbow joint on each side of the frame and a T connector on each side at the back of the frame. Now, add a 6-inch piece to the bottom holes of the T connectors and place an end cap in the bottom hole. Go ahead and glue together if you have a correct fit.

Fit a 25 1/2 inch piece on the top holes of the T connectors and the top holes of the elbow joints. Take the 3-way connectors and add to the top holes of all the four pipes. If you have a correct fit, apply adhesive and let it dry.

To finish the quilt frame, connect the corners together with the 40-inch pieces on all four sides. Again, if you have a correct fit, apply adhesive and allow it to dry. The snap clamps are to be attached on all four sides when you lay the quilt over the frame for stretching the quilt and getting a tight working surface.



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