How to Make a Square Quilt Block

Sewing square quilt blocks together to make a quilt top is a common practice to create a unique design using old garments, scraps from a prior sewing project or from freshly purchased fabric. However, to ensure that the end result has no odd bulges or strange long corners and is smooth and even, you need to do it right by ensuring that all the block are the perfect size and squared up.

Fortunately, it is easy and all you need is a square ruler, transparent and with measurements of the same type (centimeters or inches) marked on at least two connecting corners; a cutting mat and a rotary cutter.

Lay the quilt block on the cutting mat (paced on a flat surface, floor or table top). Adjust the ruler to the quilt block. The corners should meet. For proper alignment check the diagonal line on the ruler. Make sure that you have the right measurement on all four sides. You will have to take into account the seam allowance to get everything right. For example, if you need a 9-inch square when ready, you actually need to keep all the sides at 9 1/2 inches. This will allow 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides.

Move the square rule as required so that the area you need, including the seam allowance, is covered by it. If the block is already a perfect square, there is nothing to do. If there is excess material outside the ruler, cut it by rolling the rotary cutter along the edge of the ruler.

Flip the quilt block around and repeat with the opposite corner. Double check if you have the measurements correct on all sides. Repeat if necessary, otherwise go ahead and start sewing the blocks together.



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