Quilting Tools and Supplies

You can start quilting with very few tools and some pieces of basic equipment. However, once you get down to it and start enjoying quilting you will find that there are some specialty tools, sewing machines and other equipment that makes quilting easier and a fun activity. The problem with most beginners is that they do not know which tools they need first and which ones after they gather experience.

You will need a sewing machine and a rotary cutter is a necessary for cutting quilt blocks evenly. You will also need a square ruler for squaring up quilt blocks. Pair of scissors, thread and good quality 1 1/4-inch steel safety pins, square ruler, rotary mat, marking pencil and seam ripper completes the list of tools needed to quilt a quilt.

In as far as supplies are concerned, batting or stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber is a must because that is what goes in between the quilt top and the backing. For the quilt top you may want to use old overgrown garments or buy fresh fabric. Most people prefer to make backing from running lengths of flannel or blended cotton fabric but you may, if you wish, make a backing from blocks as well.

How to Make a Quilt Frame

A typical quilt frame is made from wood but if you choose PVC pipe you will not only save yourself the trouble of working with wood, it will also save you time and money. To make a PVC quilt frame you need 1-inch PVC pipe. With a pipe cutter or hacksaw, cut five 40 inch, four 25 1/2 inch, four 9 1/2 inch and two 6 inch pieces. You will also need four 3-way connectors, four T connectors, two elbo...


Sewing Machines

Unless you plan to sew by hand, you need a sewing machine. Sewing machines meant for quilting projects need not be top-end machines that sew loads of unusual stitches because most of the time you will be using the good old straight stitch. The quilting standards is 1/4 inch seam allowance and if you have a machine that allows you to easily sew that it should serve your purpose. Some machines hav...


A Good Quilting Book

It is easy to conceive a quilt design. You could, if you prefer, simply buy running lengths of desired fabric for the quilt top and backing and sew them together. A patterned fabric with a paisley or flower or geometric design for the top and plain cotton blended fabric for the backing is an ideal combination. However, it no fun making quilts that way. The best quilts are made from quilt blocks...


Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are biggest time savers and a must for every quilter. Once a quilter gains the skill of using it properly it eliminates the need of marking and cutting each quilt block and patch. Rotary cutting not allows a quilter to complete a project quickly because if done correctly it greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Rotary cutters also make squaring up of blocks much easier than d...


How can I use batting when making a quilt?

Although the batting is not visible it is an integral part of the quilt. You may make a complicated design on the quilt top with intricate embellishments but if the batting is not placed properly then everything is undone. You can now get polyester batting but the traditional choice is cotton for the quilt sandwich, which should be preshrunk. You can do that by putting it in warm in your bathtub...


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