A Good Quilting Book

It is easy to conceive a quilt design. You could, if you prefer, simply buy running lengths of desired fabric for the quilt top and backing and sew them together. A patterned fabric with a paisley or flower or geometric design for the top and plain cotton blended fabric for the backing is an ideal combination. However, it no fun making quilts that way. The best quilts are made from quilt blocks.

This way you can use small pieces of fabric leftover from a prior sewing project. Using old garments and cutting them into quilt blocks is another way of coming up with innovative designs. However, a good beginners quilting book is a handy tool to have.

A quilting book should ideally have a list of supplies, lots of pictures to encourage you to design your own quilt. A good quilting book is an ideal reference guide that you will take to the quilt shop when you go out to shop fabric for your first quilt.

Once you have made a couple of quilts using the book you will find it easier to think of newer designs. For example, as a beginner you will be making square blocks to make the quilt top. Once you gather experience in quilting, you will realize that two similar square blocks can be cut diagonally and sewn to another square on all four sides. This way you can make exquisite designs even from plain colored fabric.

A good quilting book will also help you make quilts from leftover strip of fabric as small as three inches.



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