Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are biggest time savers and a must for every quilter. Once a quilter gains the skill of using it properly it eliminates the need of marking and cutting each quilt block and patch. Rotary cutting not allows a quilter to complete a project quickly because if done correctly it greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Rotary cutters also make squaring up of blocks much easier than doing it with scissors.

Rotary cutters are just like pizza cutters except for the fact that the blades are razor sharp so that they can slice through the fabric. A rotary cutter is a veritable disaster in the hands of a kid and must be kept out of their reach. Fortunately, modern rotary cutters are available in a variety of protective covers.

Larger rotary cutters allow you to cut more layers of fabric. However, if you cut too many at a time, you will be compromising accuracy. As a beginner you may start with cutting three to four layers, lesser if the fabric is too thick. As you gain experience you will be able to cut more layers. It is time to replace your rotary cutter as soon as you find it no longer slicing through the fabric cleanly.

While on the matter of rotary cutters it is imperative to mention that fabric is cut on a rotary mat to keep the rotary blade from getting dull too quickly. The slightly rough surface of a rotary mat grips the fabric, which prevents curling of the fabric allowing clean cutting. Rotary mats are made form a material that is self healing, which means that nicks that form after a blade passes over are not permanent.



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