How to Make a Quilt from Old Clothes

Making quilts from old clothes is a great way to put your old clothes you do not want to throw away to good use. Make a quilt from your child's childhood clothes to take to college and see the smile on his/her face on getting this special gift. The first step, however, is to rummage through closets to find outgrown, old and stained garments. You can make a nice quilt from old T-shirts.

Now you need a pattern. The right way would be to go to a fabric or quilt store and flip pages of design books. You could also ask for single pattern sheets that come with instructions. Select a pattern and buy the book or pattern sheet as the case may be. A better way would be to search online; there are hundreds of patterns available online.

When selecting patterns, keep in mind the size that you can cut from the garments you have and how large a quilt you can make from them. This will require you to sort garments by the size of images on them.

Add a 2 1/2 inch border on all sides of the largest image; this is the size of all quilt blocks that you will have to make. Now, figure out how many quilt blocks you need to make the quilt top. Apply a non-stretch interface under each block to prevent it from curling when you sew them. Arrange all the quilt blocks on the floor to see how the quilt top will look after sewing.

Sew each block to the next one. Choose a woven fabric of choice, preferable cotton, for borders and add on all sides. Choose a durable cotton-blended or polyester fabric and cut (sew if necessary) for backing. If you have enough you may make the backing from old garments.

Fill the quilt with polyester wadding and finish by quilting in a hoop or quilt frame.



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