My squares do not line up when making a quilt

Quilt blocks must be squared up properly for them to line up so that they do not look odd. Squaring up quilt blocks is easy if you use a square ruler and bring all sides to the same length. Place the square ruler properly on the block and cut off any excess material with the aid of a rotary ruler.

When you are sewing rows of squares make sure that you press the seams of one row to the left and the seams of the other row to the right. Use pins on each junction with seams are place end to end and do not overlap.

While on the subject of lining up squares you may also want to ensure that the edges are not wavy. The edges will get wavy if the borders are too long but you can correct this. Measure vertically through the center of the quilt and cut the both the side borders to the exact same length you have measured. Pin the border at the center, at the ends and in between. Ease the border to fit. Repeat the process for the horizontal measurement and you will get perfect squares at the edges.

However, the edges can still get wavy if the binding is applied incorrectly. As you sew the binding, pull the loose ends in a way that they fit tightly and closely to ease some of the fullness at the edge of the quilt. Another way of ensuring perfect squaring up and avoiding wavy edges is to use the right thread. Use 50 weight sewing cotton threads.



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